A new website for LocalGovDigital!

OK, so we aren’t making a huge fuss about this, because this website isn’t exactly the most exciting development in the world of local government digital innovation. But it is an important one, and it’s something worth marking with a blog post!

For a little while now, for rather boring technical reasons, we have had a very basic web presence that was a tad static and didn’t get updated all that much. At the start of 2024 though, we put some effort into moving the content across into a different technology that would enable more regular publishing, and for more people to get involved in adding and improving content (no surprises that it’s WordPress).

Right now, as you can probably tell, things are pretty basic still. But there are some things you might like to have a look at:

Our events pages give you all the information you need about our face to face LocalGovCamps and online LocalGovDigital Live! get-togethers

Our resources pages point you in the direction of cool things that have been made by LocalGovDigital, like our content standard and user research library. We are also going to be pulling together pages based on thing shared in our online community, for posterity. We have made one already: Examples of local government design systems.

The resources section also links out to things other people have made that folk in the LocalGovDigital community will find interesting, like the Local Government Service Design Maturity Model or Colin Stenning’s local government content management system directory.

Do keep an eye on this blog as well for news about what we are up to, as we have plans to make LocalGovDigital a really lively and effective network of digital practitioners!