Artificial Intelligence Practitioners Group

A rendition of a room containing 8 people of various sexes and ethnicities dressed in casual clothing. They are working on building a piece of artificial intelligence. The room has large glass windows and outside a typical English town

This week, in partnership with the Local Government Association. LocalGov Digital launched our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioners Group.

The group sits alongside the Local Government Association’s AI Network, and whilst there’s absolutely a need to talk about ethics, data and the environmental impact of AI, the group will very much focus on practical experimentation and application of AI in local government.

Whether you’re just curious about how other councils are using AI, or have already started on your organisation’s journey into using it, this is the group to find out what others are doing, how they’re doing it, and share your approach too.

Group meets will feature show and tells, discussion, and practical workshops including this year’s LocalGovCamp which includes the first in-person event of the group, bringing together technical experts and comms professionals working in local government for a day of sharing knowledge and skills.

You can join the Practitioners Group below, and the first meeting is online on 24 June..