LocalGovDigital Live! April 2024 report

We held our second LocalGovDigital Live! event yesterday, a discussion session covering the thorny topic of whether some kind of centralised support team for digital in local government might be useful – the so-called ‘Local GDS’.

We were graced with the presence of Prof. Mark Thompson off of Exeter University, sharing his thoughts on how a local GDS type body could help local government, but only if major reforms are undertaken to the underlying operating model of local public services. That is something that needs firm political leadership from the centre, collaborating with local councils themselves.

Erstwhile LocalGovDigital chair Phil Rumens has been keeping a list of all the articles that have been published on this topic, so you can fill yourself in on all the details.

Mark subsequently published another article, expanding on his thinking in a practical way, which helps illustrate the kinds of changes he is endorsing.

The recording of the session is available on YouTube – enjoy!

You can also find out more about future LocalGovDigital Live! events.