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Local Government Digital Service Standard

15. Test with senior manager

Test the service from beginning to end with appropriate council member or senior manager responsible for it.

Notes for applying this point

The purpose of this point is to ensure that the appropriate council member or senior manager has a comprehensive understanding of the relevant service, processes and technology from beginning to end. This strengthens commitment and supports them in decision-making, testing, and informed discussions with colleagues and members of the public.

Prior to launch, the appropriate council or senior manager should be walked through the whole transaction from beginning to end. For example, the senior manager responsible for a Register Office, would be walked through what a customer must do to request a copy of a birth certificate, pay, amend the quantity ordered, and what staff must do to produce the certificate, log details on systems, and reconcile finances at the end of the day.

Once live, the member or senior manager should communicate to the service design team if they become aware of any changes in policy, external developments or staff or user needs that impact on the service. Agile methods align well with the need for local government to adapt to change quickly, allowing teams to build changes into future iterations.

Further information on Agile methods is in the Agile in government services section of the Government Service Design Manual.