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Local Government Digital Service Standard

2. Have a multidisciplinary team

Ensure a suitably skilled, sustainable multidisciplinary team, led by a senior service manager with decision making responsibility, can design, build and improve the service.

Notes for applying this point

The purpose of this point is to ensure that the team designing the digital service has the right complementary skills, experience and support from senior management in order to be successful.

The team should be empowered to design a service that meets users’ needs; should share best practice and ensure that all viewpoints are taken into consideration throughout the design, build, implementation and improvement of the service post go-live. The size and expertise of the team and the roles required during the development of the service should be flexible during each phase, but must always include the service manager who will run the service on a day to day basis.

Further information about establishing and managing a team can be found in the team section of the Government Service Design Manual.