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LocalGov Digital

South peer group

Who it’s for

The South Peer Group is for all council staff involved in creating and delivering digital services in the region covered by:

  • Oxfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Berkshire
  • Wiltshire
  • Hampshire
  • Swindon

What we do

Our aim  is to build a Peer Group that can best support digital practitioners in the region to build great digital services using the Local Government Digital Service Standard.

In the Group we’ll be:

  • Discussing how we can work together to share expertise and peer support
  • Making sure everyone understands what the Local Government Digital Service Standard is and how it can be applied (usefully and quickly) to your work
  • Meeting people working on similar digital projects across the South region
  • Finding out about peer assessments and how they might work

We’ve already come up with some initiatives we’d like to get others involved in, such as:

  • Creating a ‘time bank’ of digital skills, where one council can call on a number of others to help in an area it lacks skills (e.g. user research) on a reciprocal arrangement for donating their time/skills in an area they are stronger in
  • Having Supplier Scrutiny days, where councils that share a common supplier can select decide on three areas of common need and present a united voice to the supplier with an aim to have those needs met
  • Having themed events to bring colleagues in from other disciplines, such as customer service or planning

How to get involved

The Peer Group meets quarterly. You can book your place on the next planned event when organised via our Eventbrite pages.

We’ve create a Slack channel which you can sign up to the Local Gov Digital Slack Team here with your email address. Why not have your team host the next event? Or suggest a theme to focus on?