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LocalGov Digital

Where Do You Get Your Answers?

On Monday 10th of June three members of the Steering Group for Local Gov Digital went along to Hackney Town Hall for a Future Gov event on Designing 21st Century Government.

There we held table discussions explaining what LocalGov Digital does and our history, what we offer members in terms of guidance and services, but most importantly we asked a question – Where do you get your answers?

The responses were pretty similar, most people we spoke to get their answers from Twitter or colleagues in their office. Some also said they go to a community of practice. No-one we asked realised what a great opportunity there is to ask questions in the LocalGov Digital Slack group

Highly responsive answers

We’ve known for a while there’s more we could do to promote the depth and breadth of knowledge in our Slack group. The responsiveness of the community would give most customer facing organisations a run for their money. 

The networking is very good. Especially if you’re looking to connect with people before an event like LocalGovCamp. There’s also a Twitter channel, a nod to all those people we met who get their answers over there.

Collaboration through Pipeline

It’s a great network, but it’s also a place for seeing what other practitioners are doing and what common issues are being solved elsewhere. We’ve put in a lot of effort to build a good community, with some strict rules about who is allowed to join and keeping suppliers at arms length.

The Slack group is free to members of LocalGov Digital and, we believe, the biggest perk too! Join us and get your questions answered.