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LocalGov Digital

Making a Stand for Local Services

iStandUK are a public sector organisation who’s mission is to promote eStandards that support efficiency, transformation, and transparency of local public services in the UK. Like LocalGov Digital, they’re a member of the Local Digital Coalition and are part of the effort to create better, cheaper, public services through thinking, doing and sharing.

The Local Government Association has commissioned iStandUK to propose a data format to describe local services, built upon existing standards and good practice from local councils, and other local service providers.

Understanding which local services are provided in each area and by whom is fundamental to transforming service delivery at a local level and iStandUK’s work to catalogue what the public sector provides is vital in this.

LocalGov Digital urge those involved with our network to take a few minutes complete their simple questionnaire to help them with their work.

To find out more please read Paul Davidson’s blog, or email Paul who is the CIO Sedgemoor District Council at [email protected].