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LocalGov Digital

London Peer Group meet

Last week the first Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS) peer group meetup was held at Camden Council. People involved in creating and delivering digital services at councils in London came together for an afternoon of discussion, supported by the GLA. Participants examined how the use of service standards would improve the quality of local services, the readiness of different councils to adopt this practice, and how practitioners could practically support each other to share knowledge, reduce duplication and handle common problems.

Two strong themes emerged from the day: The first was that the LGDSS is a natural fit for many councils with their digital strategy, with the LGDSS providing the detail about how to create good digital services. The second theme was that the peer group discussion created an opportunity to talk about local government service design. For many participants this was a previously unmet need, and especially important given the common work and challenges that councils face with digital transformation.

The next steps for the London peer group will be to identify the expertise and experience that participants will be able to share in future. We will also be looking at which services are being worked on, so we can share user research and design decisions and put people into contact with each other.

LocalGov Digital is also starting to plan future events on the LGDSS. Peer groups are currently being organised for other regions, beginning with the Midlands and the South East. There will also be a national summit at City Hall, London on September 19th. To be notified about these events, you can sign up to the LocalGovDigital mailing list.