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LocalGov Digital

Standard Sprint #1

LocalGov Digital launched the Local Government Digital Service Standard in April. The Standard suggests a common approach for local authorities to deliver good quality, user centered, value for money digital services.

To assist councils using the Standard, a sprint ran from 6 to 17 June to create guidance on building services to each of the 15 points. The sprint was facilitated by Julia McGinley, Lead Business Analyst at Coventry City Council and a core team from Coventry worked on drafting guidance, reviewing comments and re-drafting the guidance. 

The sprint was unique to UK local government in that it followed the Makers Project Teams model. For online discussion #ssprint1 on Twitter and the LocalGov Digital Slack Channel were used, daily stand-up and weekly reviews were held through a Google Hangout and people were invited to contribute through a Trello Board, and 15 Google Docs, one for each of the points in the Standard.

Others who were not part of the core team and in many cases working for other councils input by commenting on the points of the guidance they had an interest in, and they were able to contribute from their own desks (or armchairs).

Standard Sprint #1 was a success in two ways. Firstly there’s now guidance for the Standard available by clicking on each point. Secondly, it proved that, with a core team to guide the work, it’s possible to run a collaborative project with other contributors distributed across the country in other local authorities.

We hope to use this model for future work, and suggest others do too, to think, do and share and improve the delivery of local public services.