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Localo wins Local Digital co-design vote

Localo – the Makers’ collaboration around standardisation of household waste services – was the winning product at the recent Local Digital co-design discovery day in Warwick. 

The tool, which was started at our LocalGovCamp hack event in June, is an API for council waste services and suppliers. It is intended to standardise and improve the way that systems join-up.

Worked on over the six months since the hack event further information has also been fed into Localo from the LocalGov Digital Service Design Day in November. 

During the co-design event Localo was deemed the best of the collaborative tools presented by a judging panel including representatives from Government Digital Service, Department for Communities and Local Government, Kent County Council, Land Registry and Transformation Network. 

You can find out about the other projects worked on here.

Find out more about Localo here, find other collaborative projects on Pipeline or get involved with LocalGov Digital Makers.