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Service Design Discovery Days

Service Design Discovery Day – 20 November – Warwick

If you’re interested in learning about end-to-end service design then you’ll want to book a place at our Service Design Discovery Day on 20 November, in Wariwck.

We’ve partnered with the DCLG Local Digital Campaign to put together an event which will give practical skills to those transforming to a more user-focused digital offer from their council and redesigning digital services.

During the day we’lll:

  1. present a view of the key skills and activities around end-to-end service design
  2. identify and cluster local authority support needs and blockers to delivering services as outlined in the morning session
  3. prioritise these needs/ blockers to address
  4. explore possible solutions to these needs.

And we’ll give you a chance to hear from those who are already doing it as well as your views on what you need to do end-to-end service design better in your council.

The event is free to attend and you can book your place on the Local Digital website

Waste Services Discovery Day – 4 November – London

We’re also running a Waste Services Discovery Day in partnership with Local Digital Campaign.

It will be held in London on 4 November and is free to attend.

The hands-on event will look at end-to-end service design for waste services and the development of common standards, to develop further our Localo tool.

You can find out more and book your place on the Local Digital website