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Pipeline project promises partnerships

Pipeline is one of three pilots, from LocalGov Digital Makers, the network for designers and developers working in and around local government. It’s a service to enable collaboration between councils, by letting them publish details of future projects or concepts and for others to find them.

Back in 2013 Phil Rumens wrote about a Kickstarter for local governments and Pipeline hopes to meet this need. An initial set of user stories were captured at the LocalGov Digital Makers Meet in September 2014 and Pipeline is now launched in alpha.

At present, it’s a wiki for those working in and around local governments to publish details of projects and concepts. It also enables others to search for them by description, date, stage and language. Future developments include the ability for users to express an interest in a project, calendar views, views by organisation and a lot more.

LocalGov Digital hope Pipeline will break the cycle of local governments developing or buying the same things separately in each council by being able to coordinate their project work through Makers Project Teams. Pipeline is a tool to help facilitate this way of working.

It’s important to be clear about the scope of Pipeline. It’s not a tool to enable discussions , there are already plenty of places for this and these can be referenced in the wiki. Nor is it a place for storing code, there seems little sense in creating another GitHub, though Pulse, another of the pilot projects aims to help people find code easier.

You can follow the progress of Pipeline on it’s Trello Board, download the code on GitHub, or even better, help build and refine Pipeline by joining the Makers Project Team on Slack.

If you don’t have time for this why not start using Pipeline and let us know what you think via@LGMakers or the G+ Community or the feedback form on the site, please bear in mind it’s an alpha so all of it might not work all of the time and it certainly doesn’t contain all the features the live site will.

You can sign up for Pipeline at

Only with input from the wider LocalGov Digital network will Pipeline succeed,, so please do get involved in creating a new way of working, for local governments.