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Open source systems – G+ Hangout

Join our G+ Hangout at 2pm today (27 February) to discuss how councils are using open source content management systems and other technology.

The session was originally planned for 20 February but was delayed due to technical issues.

The discussion will be hosted on the LocalGov Digital channel and will be hosted by Wendy Pain, Web Services Manager at North Yorkshire County Council.

Background and discussion starters

Wendy sets the scene for the discussion:

North Yorkshire County Council is a large rural council. We have approximately 22,000 staff including teachers. We are embarking on developing a new intranet for our staff using open source (Drupal). This will be a new way of developing software as we have previously relied mainly on proprietary software solutions.

We want the new development and subsequent use by staff to be successful (obviously!). Being part of the #Localgov digital group I thought I might ask around a few of my colleagues in other councils to see what their thoughts were in terms of open source. Phil Rumens suggested arranging a Google Hangout as there are a number of other local authorities looking into this for their websites and intranets and we could then share what we find out.

The questions

1. Is it really free or are there potential costs that we may not have considered?
2. Will it be possible to get and retain the right technical resource in-house to continue to develop the intranet?
3. How do we ensure that the intranet will be sufficiently supported and secure?

Watch the Hangout

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