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LocalGov Digital

LocalGovCamp 2014

LocalGov Digital are very pleased to announce they will be organising this year’s LocalGovCamp.

The unconference for local government will take place in Birmingham on Saturday 21 June 2014.

The camp will be part of a two day event run by the LocalGov Digital network, with Friday (20 June 2014) activities focused on the network’s work streams including a LocalGov Digital Makers event.

Organisation for LocalGovCamp has previously been led by Dave Briggs of Kind of Digital but the event took a break in 2013.

Sarah Lay, lead for the Communications and Community Management work stream of LocalGov Digital and Senior Digital Officer at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The idea of the LocalGov Digital practitioner network was born at a govcamp and so it feels right that we take on the responsibility for this key event in the local government calendar.

“The first LocalGovCamp in 2009 was a pivotal point in my own career and unconferences have played an important role for many other LocalGov Digital members.

“We want to make sure that more practitioners, councillors and leaders benefit from the camp but that we also reflect LocalGov Digital’s work to produce collaborative tools for the sector with a Makers aspect to the event.”

More information will be released shortly – follow the LocalGovCamp Twitter account for the latest updates.

Thanks to Dave Briggs for advice and support on organisation so far.

Sponsorship and camp makers

We’d like to hear from anyone wishing to sponsor LocalGovCamp 2014 and those who want to lend a hand with organisation in the run up or during the event.

Please leave a comment, get in touch on Twitter via @localgovcamp or @localgovdigital, or contact Sarah Lay, as work stream lead organising the event.