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LocalGov Digital

LocalGov Digital – why I’m in by Kate Sahota

Kate Sahotafrom the LocalGov Digital steering group lets us know why she joined LocalGov Digital and what it could bring for others. Kate is a Programme delivery manager at Warwickshire County Council and can be found on Twitter at @808kate

I’m Kate Sahota and my role is Programme Delivery Manager for Warwickshire County Council. That means I work with the business to ensure quality ICT solutions are delivered that transform and improve the way WCC delivers services. My background is in technology based project management, however my current role allows me to focus on designing comprehensive programmes that enable us to achieve maximum benefits to the business.

One of my programmes is Digital by Default, and is the reason I am part of the LocalGov Digital steering group. For me, the group is there to provide a mechanism to share best practice and enable collaboration across Local Government. Its purpose is to encourage and support local authorities on their “digital journey” and showcase their achievements as and when they happen.

As a group, we should be:

  • Building solid-evidence based case studies for moving to digital channels
  • Providing opportunities for councils to work together on digital strategies/solutions
  • Sharing experiences and learning
  • Using the collective voice to apply pressure on making legislative changes that currently limit our ability to shift to digital channels

Initially the group will no doubt consist of people who already have some understanding of what digital is and why it is important for efficient service delivery. Over time, we should encourage the digital cynics to engage with the group and win them over through demonstrable evidence.

Our biggest challenge will be getting the business to understand that services must be re-designed to work in a digital world. In fact, if there’s one thing I think the group should tackle it’s to work with councils to understand the best way to drive customers to the new digital channels and enable the decommissioning of other channels in order to achieve maximum benefit.

This will require time and investment up front, which some feel we do not have the luxury of. By sharing the lessons we have learn individually and collaborating where possible, we can potentially reduce this burden.

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