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‘How to Share Stuff’ launched

The Makers strand of LocalGov Digital for Designers and Developers today (2 May 2014) released “How to share stuff”, a basic guide for those working in local government digital on how to collaborate and share their work.

Whilst much has been written about the benefits of cross organisation working there has been little practical help and this new publication seeks to put this right.

With guidance on precautions one should take before sharing, how to pick an appropriate license and a large section on how to use collaboration site GitHub, the publication is for those with little or no experience of online collaboration, but a desire to do so.

“Makers is all about ‘doing’, whether that’s developing or designing, code , content or just creating”,  said Phil Rumens, Vice Chair of LocalGov Digital, “but if people don’t know how to share what they’re doing they’ll never realise the full potential of what they make”.

Dan Blundell, who also worked on the publication added “People don’t share because services like GitHub are geared up for developers and can appear confusing to begin with.

“Hopefully what we’ve put together can start people on the road to sharing more and reaping the benefits of collaboration”.

How to Share Stuff is available in PDF format, and also on GitHub in HTML and Markdown, meaning people can “fork” their own copy, make changes and feed them back into the original; once they’ve read the document and know how to share, of course!

Let us know what you think of the guide by leaving a comment below or getting in touch onTwitterG+ or KHub.