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LocalGovCamp 2018 – Saturday

Saturday is an unconference where the agenda is set on the day by those attending. If you’re not sure what an unconference is, read our guide to unconferences.


Registration opens at 9:30 with the talks starting at 10. The event will close at approximately 16:45.

After sessions have been pitched, the agenda will be organised and shared.

View the agenda

A map of the venue is below to help you locate the rooms.

Map of the rooms on second floor of thestudio, Birmingham

Session pitching

Everyone and anyone is welcome to pitch an idea for a session. If you’re nervous about standing up talk to the person next to you or find one of the LocalGov Digital steering group members – they’ll be pointed out to you at the start of the event.

Help us to capture the day

Not everyone can attend all the sessions they’d like to and not everyone is able to attend the event. Please share any photos, notes, slides etc either in the LocalGovCamp Google Drive, tweet (#localgovcamp) or blog (if you haven’t already, share a link to your blog with us).