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LocalGovCamp 2016: Maker Day

The Bond Company, Birmingham - Friday 3 June

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LocalGovCamp Makers Day 2016 was a fringe event of LocalGovCamp 2016.

Our maker days bring together developers, designers and others with an interest in building things that improve local public services. Participants work with a team of innovative individuals on their choice of one of three crowdsourced challenges.

The three challenges were:

Make or adapt something that quickly demonstrate the potential benefits of digital transformation

Digital development can sometimes be seen as a threat by council departments. A tool that could quickly demonstrate the potential benefits of service re-design would help break down the barriers that digital teams face. Things it may show could include:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved customer satisfaction,
  • reduced delivery effort
  • Trading opportunities
  • Shared service options

Based on a suggestion by Richard Kingston

Make or adapt something that shows who delivers services locally

Public services in some areas are delivered by central government, a county council, a district council, and a parish council. Add to this Clinical Commission Groups, Business Improvement Districts, Local Enterprise Partnerships, grants and trusts and it can be very difficult to find out who delivers which service and who makes decisions locally.

This challenge is to build something that helps users make sense of this and allows they to quickly and easily find who delivers a services locally.

Based on suggestions by Paul Downey and Richard Barton

Adapt the Civic Starter mock-up from Not Westminster

Civic Starter was an idea that came from the Not Westminster event in February 2016. Based on Kickstarter and petitions websites this mock-up shows how councils could use a sliding scale of support to achieve more social decision-making, based on interest. For example, if 50 people express an interest in a topic a council could form a focus group, 200 could trigger a public meeting, 2,000 a local referendum and so on.

Based on an output from the Local Democracy Maker Day 2016