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LocalGovCamp 2015: Maker Day

The Studio, Riverside West in Leeds - Friday 11 September

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The day was a collaboration between LocalGov Digital Makers, Local Democracy Bytes and Democracy Club, bringing together people with an interest in local democracy and a variety of skills. They included:

  • Digital makers
  • Local government officers
  • Councillors and candidates
  • Community activists
  • Hyperlocals
  • Open data advocates
  • Voters of today and tomorrow

The day focused on three challenges which were outcomes of Not in Westminster 2015:

1. Access to Decision Makers

People want greater access to decision makers and yet to many the local decision making process seems remote and impersonal.

How can we encourage real contact between those making the decisions and those affected by them?

2. Voter Information

If democracy is to work then voters need to be properly informed about their candidates and yet much of what they receive is biased and sometimes even inaccurate.

How can we ensure that voters in local elections get the facts and figures that they need to make an informed choice?

3. Digestible Democracy

Local democracy needs to involve the widest range of people and yet the format of reports and the use of jargon puts off all but the most dedicated.

How can we present local decision making so it’s less obscure like modern jazz, and more popular, like rock and roll?

Local Democracy Maker Day was a fringe event of LocalGovCamp 2015, held on Saturday 12th September at the same venue.